Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wingnuts & Co. Are Fast Becoming Nazis

The President and Eric Holder are Black Panthers? -- well, according to one wingnut I just read, absolutely.

And the lady police sergeant who shot and stopped the Army major at Fort Hood ought to be brought up on charges for not killing him on the spot? Excuse me, since when were cops required to do double-duty as cold-blooded murderers? But so another wingnut holds.

Oh. I forgot. We're a white, Christian, God-fearing nation -- to hell with every other American who has been here as long or longer than us. Kill 'em. Jail 'em. And get that damned n****r out of the White House before he betrays us to Somalia or someone.

Excuse me while I puke.

Wanna bitch? Go to Langley and bitch they (1.) knew months ago Mr. Major Nut was trying to contact al-Qeada but they saw fit not to pass it along to the Army and (2.) they reportedly refuse to brief the appropriate congressional intelligence committees about the situation.

"Refuse? REFUSE? Your butt's fired, and your agency's shut down. We'll start from scratch, but don't you bother to re-apply."

Reminds me of when "The Agency" saw fit not to tell President Bush that, um, oh, maybe Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction after all -- despite the President demanding of the Director of the day in the final hours before he (Bush) ordered the invasion to bring him absolutely up to date.

But apparently such a briefing was above the President's security-clearance level and pay-grade. After all, he was only POTUS.

Let me stop so I can go puke some more.

Okay, back. No doubt the wingnuts love this stuff.